Sunday, January 23, 2011

SUNDAY BRIDGES--Trajan's Bridge will reappear

I couldn't believe this article when it appeared in the newspaper three days go. Serbian archeologists and engineers are working on a hologram to be projected over the Danube river about 260 miles southeast of Belgrade on the Romanian border to reproduce parts of a Roman bridge that once stood on the spot.

The original structure was built in 105 AD by Emperor Trajan as a supply route for the Roman legions fighting in Dacia province (part of present-day Romania), and measured 1,135 metres (3,724 feet) . Although demolished some 150 years later, it held the record for more than 10 centuries as the longest arch bridge to have ever been built.

The hologram will show a replica of the original bridge for a length of 150 to 200 metres (yards). Pumps will be used to spray a fine mist of water droplets, allowing a laser beam to project the image of the bridge. The article says this project will be finished before 2012, but like most things here, that may not be so. Anyway, I'll be one of the first to go see it!

The photo above, taken a few years ago, shows the area near which the bridge will 'appear'. On the right of the photo you see a Romanian monastery, and on the other side of the Danube, Serbia.

See more bridges, most likely those already in place, at Louis La Vache's Sunday Bridges.


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