Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ABC WEDNESDAY-- "A" is for "app"

I've seen these whatever-you-call-them all over town.  Are they called apps? I really don't know what an app is...  I imagine you're supposed to scan this with your phone and it will tell you then where you are.

I've googled all kinds of combinations to see if this comes up, but nothing does.

I don't have a fancy phone, so can't scan it...

Anyone know?

NOTE:  If you look at the comments, you'll see that Dejan from Holland wrote that he scanned the app and it came up as an advertisement for a theater performance here downtown. I actually also found that there is a play called Lost in Serbia, but didn't make the connection. Duh.... and I have an ancient phone.  Thank you, Dejan!  :)


Daily Haiku
A puzzle unsolved
Scratches and scratches our brain
'til we see the light


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