Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ABC Wednesday "L" is for "Lany Poniedzialek"

I am here in Poland for a few more days. Yesterday my friend and I went out to an outdoor regional museum where there are several village houses that display various aspects of Polish rural life. Some interiors were of a village old school house; others were of farmers or craftsmen. Still others showed kitchen scenes where it appeared as if everyone had just hastily departed, leaving set tables, freshly-baked bread, and sliced meats. Artisans, dressed in folk outfits, displayed and sold their wares, like papercuts, paper flower bouquets, and wood carvings. There were also games for children all along the road, such as egg-rolling, hoop, and this custom of water spraying. Dousing passers-by is what really takes place on Easter Monday, or as it is called here "Lany Poniedzialek." Using targets keeps innocent bystanders dry and still lets kids have fun.

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