Thursday, April 1, 2021

THEME DAY--April 1st "Future Blogger Tops Notre-Dame"

 FLASH:  You read it here first!

Just in and brought to you in a flashback from 1971 in the Nostradamus Daily, future photoblogger Yankee-in-Belgrade ascends Notre-Dame rooftop!  Yes, you read that correctly. Pat, formerly a.k.a Bibi, cast her fate to the wind and with the help of a little French boy who took her photo and who we hope is reading this, scurried up the roof on the north tower and held on to a flagpole. 

Our sources tell us the pole has long since disappeared, but Yankee-in-Belgrade, predicted 50 years ago by Nostradamus,  is still going strong. Says she today, "Nostradamus channeled me that day to say that one day the roof will disappear, so I figured, 'Carpe diem!' Glad I did."

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