Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Banatski Karlovac train station

 While on my self-imposed writer's retreat about 50 kilometers from Belgrade, I occasionally took a short car ride to clear my head. One such trip was to another small town close to where I was.  I got out to walk myself and my dog and wandered around. I came upon a quaint railroad station in Banatski Karlovac. Sorry I didn't take a photo of the front of the building. The building itself is abandoned, but I got various answers to if trains still pass. You can see a wagon parked ahead. If you find yoursel fin Belgrade and want to take a train ride (maybe...) I did find a schedule on the Internet and here it is.


On my way to visit friends on San Juan island. The ferries still are magical to me. Notice the flag is at half-mast, most likely for Rosalyn...