Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend reflections--face down in the water

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago I bought a 'fun' camera, the Minox mini, that you can see in this post. It has given me many fun shots, and often some incredibly sharp ones. Overall, good quality for its limited pixels.

Recently I had a major, major leak in my roof (I am under the eaves).  Unfortunately, this occurred when I was in the US and my son was on vacation.  Upon his return a week after the rains, he discovered the damage AND found my little Minox floating face down in its metal box.  (It has been on my desk; only a miracle that my computer stuff wasn't affected.

I was ready to bury Mini, but I thought I'd try to dry it out.  Opened the card slot, removed the card, and opened the battery slot.  Put it on my (now hot and sunny) windowsill for two days.  Charged it (it flashed feebly) and put the card back in.

Amazingly, all the photos I'd taken on the card were perfect.....and it now continues to take unaffected photos, as you see here.

The blur is mine...Mini has three settings:  half a meter, a meter, and infinity, and sometimes I'm not such a good judge.

I wonder if my D90 would have survived a week face down in the water....

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