Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Bridges -the tram bridge and the Memorial

I've posted this in HDR for a more dramatic effect. The lighting was bad when I took this photo, and the HDR brings out the colors. The green bridge with the red tram is commonly called the Tram Bridge, but it can be driven over, too. It links New Belgrade with the older part of the city, and leads directly to the train station. I've posted about this monument that stands on the site of a former WWII concentration camp when I first started my blog.

Hey! If you are viewing my blog through Mozilla Firefox, be sure to look up and see the new little Serbian favicon I finally figured out how to install...sort of....with a help of a friend. It doesn't show up on most versions of Internet Explorer, for some reason.

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SKYWATCH AND REFLECTION--St. Mark's Cathedral in the Television Building

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