Sunday, May 19, 2024


 When the weather was as good as it was last week, there are always a few homeless persons sleeping on benches in parks. One such was just to the left of where I took this photo. Some kind person had left 200 dinars ($2.00) with a lsrge chocolate bar beside his bare and callused feet on the bench. 

I saw these 'kids' spot the chocolate and the money. The one in the middle picked up a large stick and all tjree headed toward the bench. I stood by the bench and stared them down. They stopped. It was a case of who will back down first. I pulled out my phone snd pretended to take a video at which point the kid with the stick pulled up his hoodie and walked a distance away. Little kid was still smirking and the biggest one just stood there, mumbling his innocence. 

I told them to move on. No reaction. At that point I said I was calling the police. They instantly disappeared.


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