Tuesday, March 12, 2024


 I have an absolutely wonderful, generous, self-effacing, soon-to-be 92 years old friend.  A former colleague to top it off. She lives in a divided  house on the ground floor with a big garden shared with the family upstairs.  This is THEIR dog, who has let herself be adopted by my friend, for her own family neglects her..  They leave her out in the cold, no decent shelter, and so on. She's just over a year and a half old.

My friend let her in once to sleep in her hallway. Chloe has now moved on to the rest of the house and has found her spot on my friend's 'good' couch.

No one minds, not even me.


  Just noticed this mural on a nearby street where I don't usually walk. Looks freshly done. On the upper right it reads "Street He...