Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Offerings to the Ganges at Hardiwar

My posts are a little out of order since I am never sure where I'll find an Internet cafe. I am no longer in Dharamsala, but in Rishikesh, were the Beatles once studied with their maharishi.  Last evening we went to Haridwar, one of India's most holy Hindu sites, and watched the 'puja' ceremony (offerings to the Ganges) and it was an experience not to be forgotten, and to think it goes on every evening.  Chanting, incense, colors, music....and the people. In the photo you see a leaf basket filled with flowers and a candle that someone has set afloat on the rapidly-flowing river. I cast in my marigold 'mala' that I had received bought at one of the temples we visited.

And Happy Birthday today to my friend Marianne!


 There are many impromptu street sellers in this underground passage downtown. Here's one of them. The lady in the pink in the mirror wa...