Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enough blue, now pink

Jaipur, in contrast to Jodhpur, is called the Pink City.  There are various theories just why the city is called the Pink City, and if you care to read them (they're all quite interesting), have a look at this link. Thisman, whom I photographed while whizzing by on a tuk-tuk, is wearing a pink turban, quite appropriately. Notice the ad behind him with a woman's face.  Some Indians prefer light skin, and although I'm not sure what this photo is advertising, I have noticed quite a few skin-lightening creams in stores.

P.S Here's a cute post I've just uploaded for the 16th, since I didn't have Internet that day....


 No, I am not in Provence....but wish I were.  This is some lavender which thrives in a nearby park. I love the scent.