Friday, October 16, 2009

Skywatch Friday--Stormy skies over Kalemegdan

Our Indian summer weather has disappeared....I've been home with a cold, cough, and laryngitis for two days... It's cold and windy out there. This photo was taken when the clouds were still white, but with a hint of menace in them.

In this photo you see one of Kalemegdan Park fortress's walls. Kalemegdan is the most popular park for Belgraders and for many tourists because of its numerous winding walking paths, shady benches, picturesque fountains, statues, historical architecture and incredible river views (Sava and Danube.) The former canal which was used for water supply during the Middle Ages is completely covered. Kalemegdan is also known for its lemgthy long lagums, underground corridors and catacombs, which are still largely unexplored.

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