Monday, July 12, 2010

Lunch near Leskovac

Hungry? This is what my friend and I had for lunch in Southern Serbia, in a small village near the town of Leskovac, where a rostiljijada (ro-schteel-yee-ya-da) or grilled meat festival is held every year in September. I've said before , for example, right here that Serbs are big meat eaters. I'm not, but enjoy it from time to time.

Those are not scoops of vanilla ice cream flanking onions (another Serbian favorite), but rather balls of kajmak (ky-mak) that you can read about if you click on the "right here" link above. Also pictured are a pair of Serbian homemade sausages with serving of smoked pork and a grilled pepper, tomato, and garlic salad. And the warm, crusty bread.... Leskovac is known for its spicy cuisine, and you can see that instead of ground black pepper beside the salt and toothpicks on the table are red pepper flakes...

If you're interested in seeing more food from Eastern Europe, I've just added this blog to my blog roll.

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