Sunday, February 1, 2015

THEME DAY--What I would miss most

I had the privilege of selecting this month's theme, and I chose "What Would You Miss Most?" if you had to leave the city you usually post from.

I would definitely miss the Romi or Gypsy population here, for many reasons:  their resourcefulness, their spontaneity, and their overall joie de vivre, despite many prejudices and hardships.  I'm in Seattle now, and haven't seen a-one.

I've posted about them many times before, and you may remember this photo.

Today I'm posting several photos together, but hey, it's my meme and tomorrow is my birthday.

See other photos for this meme on City Daily Photo Theme Day.

NOTE:  The other day I took one of those dumb quizzes everyone posts on Facebook.  This one queried, "What were you in a former life?"  Guess what I was:  a gypsy! 


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