Wednesday, March 1, 2023


 When your birthdays are at the far end of the double-digits, you probably have tried many foods that could classify as your comfort food. This is even more true, perhaps regardless of your age, if you have lived for any extent of time in another country.

Such is my case. Here in Serbia my comfort food has become grapevine leaves with meat and rice (sarma).  When I spent time in India, I sought out hot, crusty samosas and accompanying sauces whenever I could.  Those or momos. And of course when elsewhere and 'tired of' local food spaghetti Bolognese does the trick.

However, if all of the above were placed side by side with the macaroni and cheese in the photo, the mac and cheese would win hands-down.  Nowadays, I enhance it with hot sauce of some sort.

Waiting to see your comfort food/s.  

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