Monday, June 7, 2010

The wedding dress race

Yesterday on Nikola Pasic square a wedding dress race was held. Although these three girls look like they could be off to the church, they were actually three of the 120 participants ready to compete in the what-will-probably-turn-out-to-be annual 'Wedding Dress Race." Wedding dresses were supplied by the race's organizers. The lucky first-prize winner won a trip for two to Slovenia and a subscription to
"VenĨanje" (Wedding) magazine. The second-place winner won a trip for two to Serbia's mountain resort, Zlatibor, while the participant chosen at the end of the race as 'Miss Wedding Dress Race" won two tickets for last night's Bob Dylan concert at the Belgrade Arena. And by the way, did you know Bob Dylan wrote a song called "Wedding Song?" I didn't. You can read the lyrics right here.


Came across these ladies with their coach in what is referred to as Lower Kalemegdan Park, under the fortress that you can see here. Partici...