Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reflections Weekend - plate of toes

They grow 'em big here in Serbia. These feet belong(ed) to my Thanksgiving turkey. It weighed 17 kilos (37 pounds). My son had ordered a smaller one from a friend, to be cut up in pieces. Unfortunately, someone's signals got crossed, and he got the mega-turkey in one piece....and frozen.....and a week ahead of time.... There was no way I could fit the whole thing in my freezer, and even if I could have, I didn't want to roast a 17-kilo turkey.

A visit (with the turkey) to my local butcher solved the problem. He sawed it in half, and managed to saw off the two legs. I gave my son the whole half and I roasted the other. My share fed six of us at dinner, and leftovers were given to all.....lots of bird.

But we didn't eat the feet, nor did I use them like some do to flavor soup. Saved them for you!

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