Sunday, October 23, 2011

So many hands on me!

Are you confused? My recent photos have been of Seattle, and of course you can see that this one is of Baby Mila at bathtime, here in Belgrade. In cyberspace, I'm still in Seattle, simply because I don't have time to flit around the city now taking photos. The hand in the foreground belongs to my 87-year-old mother, whom I've brought back here with me. Health care is very expensive in the US, and here for a quarter of the price, she has the same care, and is only a phone call away.

In any case, I posted this photo because today is my daughter's birthday, and some say Baby Mila looks a bit like her! The other hands belong to my son and daughter-in-law, and mine, as usual, were holding my camera.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER TODAY!! (Be patient for Belgrade photos...I've uploaded Seattle thru Halloween....)


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