Saturday, April 1, 2023


 Today is April 1st. For many people that means April Fools' Day. It does for me, too, but being a City Daily Photo blogger, the first of the month means Theme Day.

This month's theme is My Favorite Toy, a STEIFF TEDDY BEAR,  named Teddy, who's been with me since I was eight years old and my newer 'toy,' my Nikon Z50 mirrorless. Teddy used to have the trademark button in his ear, but I didn't like it as a child and so off it went. I pressed my teddy's tummy so hard and so often that he no longer growls. 

My camera of course isn't really a toy, but I enjoy 'playing' with it, so I had to include it.

See many more bloggers' toys at THEME DAY.


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