Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Bridges--from my window

Sometimes you really don't have to go far for a photo. Yesterday I posted a Reflections Weekend photo from my window, and now, lo and behold, here is another of....a bridge! I had no idea I could see the Pančevo (PAHN-cheh-vo) Bridge from my window, until I peeked out with my 300mm. (You can just see its trestles.) The Pančevo Bridge is currently the only bridge over the Danube (the others are over the Sava). It was named after the northern Serbian city of Pančevo, which lies about 16 miles over the bridge. Vehicles and trains pass over this bridge, which is up for renovation soon.

I'm not sure if the building marked "Takovo" is for The Takovo Insurance Company or the SwissLion-Takovo food company.

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