Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who wants Jackson?

I'm back on my feet again, though I still don't feel so hot and am still taking antibiotics. My son is helping me walk Bibi, but from time to time I take her out so I can get some air, too.

During one such short walk in my neighborhood, I noticed this little dog, who seemed to stay in one place, since from my terrace I'd seen other larger male strays chasing him. He's very sweet, and I felt sorry for he is currently safe and sound on my terrace. Yesterday he got his first shots and worm pill. Jackson, or so I've named him, is about one year old, seems to like children from what I have observed, and doesn't growl when you pet him while he's eating. I'm placing some ads and using the grapevine, so we will see. I cannot keep him, since already one dog is enough for me now that I am working again.

Strays are a BIG problem here; most puppies are born and die in a short time, and those who survive are not always lucky.

Any takers for Jackson?? :) I'll keep you posted if, or rather I hope, when I find someone.

Jilly, who runs Riviera Dogs, this post is for you, as well as for Paula of Pensacola Daily Photo.

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