Monday, December 22, 2014

"Moskva schnit"

Hotel Moskva's famous cake, the "Moskva Schnit" (schneet) turned 40 last November.  Where was I?  Obviously oblivious to that fact, since #1 I spent a large part of that month sick as a dog, and #2 I don't eat cake hardly at all.

If you click here and can read Serbian, you can read about its history from when it was invented in 1974.  Even if you don't know Serbian, you can see photos of the 40th anniversary at the hotel, attended of course by its creator, Anica D┼żepina, now retired.

You might remember this post of mine from 2008.


On my way to visit friends on San Juan island. The ferries still are magical to me. Notice the flag is at half-mast, most likely for Rosalyn...