Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC WEDNESDAY --"F" is for "faces"

You can't make me believe, like some claim, that animals, especially dogs, do not have souls. Look at their expressions here.

This photo was taken when I accompanied a group of sixth-grade girls from the school where I teach for the second time to visit Katja, the valiant woman I wrote about here.

We gathered quite a lot of dog food, personal items for Katja, and some money to help her. But the best help would be if more kind-hearted people would adopt one of her dogs. My heart ached for the one in the middle with the straggly black hair, but Bibi would be insanely jealous.

Bibi grew up until the age of 10 months at Katja's before I adopted her.

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 No, I am not in Provence....but wish I were.  This is some lavender which thrives in a nearby park. I love the scent.