Monday, September 16, 2013

The brassfounder

 This is Dušan (DOO-shan), a brassfounder ( I had to look that up; it's a person who works brass.)  He has a small workshop not far from Kalemegdan Park. I'd been by several times while walking down the narrow street that runs in front of his shop, but never went in, though I'd been intrigued by the darkness and the twinkling objects inside.  

I didn't venture in even now to buy anything, but rather to have a piece of metal frame removed from my old-fashioned backpack.  This he happily did, while explaining this and that about his work.  He produces various objects like the candle holder you see here and the crescent and moon.  Dušan said that these are his best-selling works.

Daily Haiku

You never can foresee
Surprises that await you
Down a narrow street

MONDAY MURALS--high school

 I have noticed that many high schools around town have amazingly eye-catching murals. Here's another! See other murals on  MONDAY MURALS.