Thursday, July 12, 2018


I just absolutely positively HATE IT when people smoke (in general, I have to admit) and especially where it is clearly marked that they should not. That's what the sign says, and there is also one a bit farther down from the uncaring woman with the cigarette in her hand:  "Smoking is forbidden inside and in front of the building."

And the building is the Institute of Oncology...

I was seated on a bench by myself, waiting for my friend to finish her chemo session, when I snapped this woman.

Over a period of about 20 minutes, four people sat down next to me and pulled out cigarettes. I politely showed them the sign. One was profusely apologetic and left, whereas the others gave me looks that 'said', "I can smoke where I want," to which I replied verbally that I had been asked by the man at the reception inside to photograph persons who were smoking. (Hurrah, I always have my impressive big camera with me.)

They left....

SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY--obliging pigeons

Sitting on  a park bench fiddling with my new Nikon Z50 mirrorless. And two pigeons obliged me. See other shadows on  SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY.