Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ABC WEDNESDAY--"Z" is for "zahvalna"

I'm stretching it again for a "Z" word, but in Serbian "zahvalna" means "thankful" and I am to my newly-met but known-in-cyberspace friend, Therese.

For several years now I've been commenting on Therese's blog, originally photos from Chandler, Arizona, but now she's moved back to France and is currently in Tournefeuille, a community near Toulouse. Check out her blog at Tournefeuille A to Z. Our 'something in common' was our love of photography, France, and a connection to Serbia, as her husband is from Belgrade.

Therese and her husband were so kind to welcome me (and how!) into their home during my trip. I was picked up at the station, taken back, fed a scrumptious cassoulet, preceded by an aperitif called pousse-rapiere, which is Armagnac mixed with champagne...  The next day, after croissants and pains au chocolat (called 'chocolatines' in Toulouse!), Therese took me on a walking tour/photo shoot of Toulouse, before taking me to the airport to Paris.

Therese and Dejan, merci infiniment de votre acceuil. I hope that you will both visit Belgrade sometime soon.

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