Friday, July 3, 2020

Skywatch--the ghost house

No one calls the building in the foreground 'the ghost house' but me. When I first came to Belgrade in 1977, this building was a beyond-delapidated mess.  I had heard it had belonged to an owner who fled the country during WWII and had passed away, inheritors unfound.

The original building dates from 1884!

Not sure the current inheritor was ever found, but all the same, fortunately the building was not destroyed. You can see it has been made over (the tall building behind is 'just' an office building, no ties to this one.  The building is the headquarters for...something.

So there you go.  See other skies on SKYWATCH.

Three in the park

Early morning in Tasmajdan Park. I take Madhu (the tan dog) there every day to play with her best friend. The best friend is neither the dog in the photo nor the walker behind her.  Her best friend is a Bichon Frise, Maza, and they play so well together. You can tell she's on the look-out.


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