Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ABC WEDNESDAY "L" is for "lastiš"

"Lastiš" (LASS-teesh) is a game once played by many young girls here in Serbia, though I must admit I haven't seen any demonstrations in a long, long time. My daughter, now just over thirty, used to love to play. I'm not quite sure of the rules, but it's played with a long stretch of elastic (Lastiš) and somehow vaguely reminds me of jump rope.

This photograph comes to you courtesy of this site and you may find more information there.

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Daily Haiku
Jump rope, hopscotch, jacks
Hide and seek, tag, and four-square
What games did you play?


On my way to visit friends on San Juan island. The ferries still are magical to me. Notice the flag is at half-mast, most likely for Rosalyn...