Monday, May 26, 2014

What the heck?

Here I am posting from Seattle, but the Fates are not with me.  Every now and then, and this post is a case in point, Blogger chooses to post my photos upside down or sideways....  I've tried to rotate them myself in such a way that I hope when they upload they'll be correct, but to no avail.  Googling sent me to a site telling me to go to my blog's Picasa Web Album and rotate it.  The link given gives me an 'Internal Error' message.

Anyone know how to resolve this?  I'd really like to post the rest of my Seattle photos right side up...

(Haikus on hold for a while.)


 Edit: pastis is a licorice-flavored alcoholic drinksimilar to Greek ouzo. My favorite drink as it is for many people in this area. No more ...