Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ABC WEDNESDAY--Q is for Quite a Gal

This is Gil (short for Gillian, pronounced Jill), who is a friend and former colleague of mind.  A few years back when she was 81 and then nearly 82, she traveled to India with me. She'd been twice before and so had I.  We had a super fantastic time.  Gil is Irish, and says her fitness is due to good genes and a very boring diet....

Here she is three days after her recent 85th birthday feeding her dog a biscuit, still going strong, and more fun than ever.

Bill Burke from Somewhere in Ireland will perhaps recognize her.  And by the way, if all goes well, we plan to 'hit' Ireland next spring.....

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 No, I am not in Provence....but wish I were.  This is some lavender which thrives in a nearby park. I love the scent.