Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At the Chinese Market

I thoroughly enjoyed taking my new Chinese friend Lixiu (LEE-hyoo) whom I met yesterday (see last post) to Belgrade's Chinese Market. The market consists of three large pavilions crammed with sellers of just about everything, even the proverbial kitchen sink. "He's speaking a southeastern Chinese dialect; she's speaking Mandarin Chinese," remarked Lixiu, as we wandered through the market. Lixiu remarked that the clothing is designed for export and western tastes, and many items you wouldn't find in China. She treated herself to a western-style sweater. In the above photo, Lixiu is buying some vegetables and noodles from the produce sellers between the pavilions. (She's staying in a company apartment with a kitchen.) I bought some, too, and some moon cakes, a sweet typically eaten, so says Lixiu, on the Moon Festival coming up on September 23rd.

SKYWATCH AND REFLECTION--St. Mark's Cathedral in the Television Building

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