Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anchors away!

This anchor (no idea where the ship has gone...) is located on Belgrade's largest river island, Ada Ciganlija (Ah-da Tsee-GAHN-lee-ya), an 8-acre recreational area in the Sava river, which boasts a recreation center, including a golf course, tennis and basketball courts, soccer field, playgrounds, and so on, in addition to its 4.2 km beach, which attracts thousands of sun-loving Belgraders in the summertime. The lake (located on the other side of the island from this photo) features a 140 water-jet geyser, too. There's also a nature reserve where you can stroll and find various kinds of wildlife and trees, some of which are protected species. The island is sometimes referred to by foreigners as "gypsy island," since "cigan" (TSEE-gahn) is the local word for "gypsy," but the word actually comes from an ancient Celtic word for "submerged land". In the distance in this photo you can see the part of Belgrade near which yesterday's photo was taken.

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