Friday, March 14, 2008

Under Branko's Bridge at Night

Although I won't be always taking classic shots of Belgrade like those you can find by Googling, I chose this image as an introduction to my blog. It's a hand-held shot (little blurry!) of the city's second largest important bridge, Branko's Bridge, that connects old Belgrade with New Belgrade, across the Sava River. It was built in 1957, and is officially called Brotherhood and Unity Bridge. However, it's commonly referred to as Branko's Bridge because the large street it connects into on the old city's side is named for Branko Radicevic, a Serbian romantic poet. This photo was taken from New Belgrade looking toward the old center of the city, with the tower of the main church in view.


Belgrade Daily Photo said...

Hello-- I didn't notice your blog until today. Welcome to daily-city-photo blogging! :) We now have three such blogs representing Belgrade.

Gibepregiba said...

This blog is officially my favorite! Postovi puni topline, znanja i divnih fotografija.