Thursday, June 26, 2008

Workers in the sky

Caught these fellows the other day with my 300mm lens---they were waaaaay up there, assembling the new Xerox logo, since Xerox has changed its logo to a red sphere with a white X with three grey stripes to reflect less on the photo copying duties Xerox has carried out and to refocus on document management and solutions. For years, Xerox has carried on a campaign to ban "xerox" or "xeroxed" as a verb and adjective, but although they may not like this use of their name, language changes, and Xerox isn't just a noun anymore.


Chuck Pefley said...

Interesting ... didn't know Xerox objected to their name being used by commoners. Adobe doesn't seem to have a similar issue ... as in PhotoShopped, which has become a pretty common use by news and everyday people.

Had just a few minutes to visit some blogs ... I've cut way back on visits and comments as I've been spending time having blog fun instead of tending to business. (sigh)

babooshka said...

It's like text as noun and email. o one can stop the omslaught of these words being assimilated.

Xerox Phaser Encre Solide said...

wow i really love this picture. You should call it "Shaping Xerox" I really love there new logo to be honest. I think the way xerox is handling things is great-- i also admire and am inspired by there ne "go green" approach even if it mean they sell less!

Thanks for posting this!