Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet Emran, my watch repair guy

I think that most of my friends in the US usually just buy another watch when theirs stops working. Here it's still possible to find all kinds of watch batteries and bands, and to get your watch repaired at a reasonable price. I've been taking my same watch to this little shop for years. The other day when I went in to have the band replaced, I found Emran instead of the usual older gentleman. Emran is his apprentice, and has now "graduated" to working alone. This shop is about as wide as a man's armspread, and just barely deeper. The left wall, which I couldn't get in the photo, is covered with all kinds of watch bands and spare part drawers. Emran was able to insert the little fasteners in my band without the use of the eyepiece over one eye that his boss uses. If you enlarge the photo, you can see it under the green lamp.


Louis la Vache said...

It is nice to see a little craftsmanship surviving somewhere in the world!

Kris said...

We have a shop much the same here in Hobart, and wouldn’t you just know that the father and son team who run the show are Serbian!

Marie Reed said...

Wow! Kris' comment made me laugh out loud! Cool!

Riccardo said...

Oh... interesting..
In my birthtown and in the city where I live now when people have to repair watches usually go to jeweller's. I don't know why but they always do this kind of job (maybe because they sell watches, too).
And all the times I have to repair them there is ALWAYS an old man (with glasses) who comes out from behind a curtain or little room to get them.
I've always asked myself why there were no young people.
Good to see this guy now!

Kelly said...

I agree with Louis! How refreshing that our throw away society hasn't completely overtaken the planet! I love this photo! So much detail, and the expression is perfect!

babooshka said...

One thing I appreciate about island life, is the reversal of the throwaway nations elsewhere. Serbians are the photo freindliest nation I have decided. How relaxed does he look, and so natural.

parlance said...

How coincidental! I travelled on the train yesterday with an acquaintance whose husband is a watchmaker here in Melbourne Australia. She was saying that in our city no-one is training apprentices. If anyone wants to learn this trade they have to travel to Sydney.

I was interested to read Kris' comment that in Hobart (Australia) there is a little shop like your one. I wonder if the owner is training anyone.

The little shop where we used to get watches repaired inn my suburb closed recently. Like the ones in Riccardo's town, it was a jewellers shop.