Monday, April 22, 2013

A long spring

It's darn cold.  I left Belgrade, where it was just getting nice and warm, and now I'm practically back in woolies again.

A classic view of Seattle from Alki Beach.


Alexa said...

I'm shivering just looking at this! (But I'll bet a hug from Luka will warm you right up.)

Thérèse said...

Classic views are so reassuring.

Daryl said...

we went from shirt sleeve weather back to scarf/glove weather today ... its still better than rain

brattcat said...

hope it warms up soon in that beautiful city.

Lowell said...

The Seattle area is so beautiful ... but it can be gray and gloomy and cool! Cold?

I think the weather has been a little nuts everywhere so far this year.

But I'm sure you're enjoying being with your family!