Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the hoof

 Webster defines 'on the hoof' as doing something while busy or moving about, not giving the matter your full attention.

I don't think this pigeon cares. He's just got a slightly better view than his buddies of what's below on Belgrade's Republic Square.

Daily Haiku
Minds tend to wander
Thoughts jump like agile monkeys
Try to stay focused


Alexa said...

He doesn't seem to be quite as bothered by the cold either. The hardy bird gets the view.

Indrani said...

What a great shot! It gave me a smile. :)
I like to capture such moments for my blog: frozen moments.

Gaelyn said...

Is that like being on autopilot?

Wieczne Miasto Bg said...

Once I saw a statue with some figure with some birds and real pigeons were sitting on these birds. It's like seeing double rainbow haha