Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time to relax....

Here are some items I have beside my computer, not necessarily jammed together like this. The nose with lips and a mustache holds eyeglasses, which I'm wearing right now so I can type this.

I've decided to not post photos on weekends (today is an exception, as will be Theme Days and holidays), since I need a mini-break. My mother is recuperating from a hip fracture and a lot of my time is taken.

So, bear with me during the week, dear readers, and I'll be visiting fairly regularly.

Daily Haiku
Time for little time off
Time to breathe and meditate
Time to just be me 


Gaelyn said...


Take care of yourself as well. Healing thoughts going out your way and to Mom.

Indrani said...

Wishing a speedy recovery to your mom!
Great pic.

Carola said...

Thake your time, Bibi. All the best for your mothers recovery.
I love your daily haiku and your fantastic photography.

Alexa said...

I'll be happy to "make do" with a Monday-Friday fix of your always interesting posts. Just take care of your Mom—and yourself. Bisoux, A