Friday, December 6, 2013

Fading before their peak....

These are some lilies that remained, until I tossed them this morning, from my Thanksgiving celebration last Sunday.  All the others were open or did open, but these never seemed to make it.

Always sorry to see flowers fade without really blooming.

Have a good weekend. No posts until Monday.

Daily Haiku
 Don't let days go by
Not reaching your potential
Time waits for no one


Louis la Vache said...

Yes! And that goes double for lilies!

Luis Gomez said...


Alexa said...

Beautiful shot, excellent haiku advice. Enjoy your weekend!

Gaelyn said...

They carry beauty in their own way.

Indrani said...

Such a well meaning haiku. I will be sharing it with my daughters.
So true about the unbosomed flowers.