Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Honk, flap, pinch

Last Sunday was the annual Gander Fight in Mokrin, Serbia, not far from the Hungarian border.  These fights are NOT bloody or cruel. They only involve a lot of wing-flapping, honking, and pinching.  It's mating season and the ganders are more aggressive to another gander, and are incited to fight with their rival by a lot of honking on the part of the geese.

No goose or gander gets hurt.  They all strut off at the end with, at the worst, wounded pride.

Daily Haiku
Ganders with their geese
Honking, pinching, wings flapping 
Only pride gets hurt


Tamera said...

And the winner gets all the ladies!

William Kendall said...

I can see that getting noisy!

Luis Gomez said...

How interesting. These are great!

Alexa said...

Should i assume that in Mokrin you get your entertainment wherever you can find it? :~}

Indrani said...

That is harmless at the same time fun too.