Friday, April 25, 2014


These two trees don't form a real symmetry, but thought they were close enough, along with the two benches below.  Chestnut trees, with those conical blossoms. My mother and I used to call them 'ice cream cone' trees, since they reminded us of Dairy Queen's soft-serve ice cream.

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Daily Haiku
White chestnut blossoms
Remind me of ice cream cones
Fragrant vanilla   


William Kendall said...

It makes for a pleasant image, particularly with those blossoms at full glory.

Bob Crowe said...

Sort of an old-fashioned photographic look. The high-saturation, somewhat low-resolution style reminds me a LOT of the slides in Monty Python's "How To Recognize Different Types Of Trees From Quite A Long Way Away" sketch.

Indrani said...

Nice spot to relax. :)

Luis Gomez said...


Alexa said...

They are beautiful—and symmetrical enough to warrant your clever title. :~}

Thérèse said...

De faux jumeaux en quelque sorte.