Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring cleaning

Right now Belgrade is doing its spring cleaning. Workers from the city's official park service are around, quite visible in their grass green overalls, tidying up here and there. With the better weather and blossoms (just starting!) comes a desire to spruce up one's surroundings. This lady is using an old-fashioned twig broom (still sold on markets for around 100 dinars or $1.50) to sweep inside one of Kalemegdan's passageways. Notice the mish-mash of stones and brick again!


Ineke said...

Great shot

François said...

Oui très belle photo, et en noir et blanc, l'ombre du passage, la silhouette du balayeur.

Relatos said...

It looks like to me a very good capture. In addition to your comment, it is possible to obtain much of this image. Thank you.
Saludos, Sandra R.