Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kitty on Cobblestones

In Belgrade you can still find lots of streets paved with cobblestones. Unfortunately, most of them are are also lined with cars, which often park half-way or more on the sidewalk as in this photo. This kitty posed perfectly for me under a sign advertising a doctor's office. On the wall on the left someone has spray-painted a hammer and sickle. Although Yugoslavia (and the names that followed!) was never under the rule of the Soviet Union, socialists/communists were in power for a long time until the fall of Milosevic. Perhaps this person would like a return? Some think he may get his wish in the upcoming parliamentary elections....

1 comment:

Abraham Lincoln said...

Oh boy, your elections bring to mind some scenes we saw on television of Milosevic's last days.

I do like the cobblestone street and the cat looking at you. What a lovely scene.