Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm just curious...

I'm just curious. Are thongs:

  1. attractive to the viewer who glimpses them like this;
  2. comfortable for the wearer;
  3. hygienic?

Any input welcomed!


marley said...

They just look uncomfortable. Maybe women are different to men in the comfort department!

Sorry to here about your husband. I am thinking of both of you. I hope he makes a good recovery.

Wayne said...

I'm sure whatever passed for style when I was a teen seemed just as dumb to my parents. The trend will pass eventually. In the meantime I will never mellow enough to find it attractive.
There is something missing in this pic. The tattoo. Many, many girls here dressed in that way would have a tattoo on their back.

Louis la Vache said...

The answers are:
1) No
2) "Louis" can't say, having never worn one. A bit of a difficult fit, you know...
3) Probably not.

At least these two didn't have one of those awful tattoos on their backs....

Alexa said...

I'll have to ask my daughters the answer to these questions. It does solve the VPL problem (although my brother Chris tells me that men actually love VPL—should this surprise me?)
Nice capture, Bibi (and I'll still looking forward to being able to meet you).

MuseSwings said...

1 NO
2 yes
3 like any other I suppose - change daily or more often.

Blacksun said...

1. depends on the person who wears is
2. yes
3. yes, if you change it daily ^^

Meead S. said...

Haha, great shot!

1. Bibi, I think they succeeded to attract your eyes to take the photo.
2. Probably yes
3. I didn't understand the meaning of hygienic (=clean, healthy?)

Please let me know how your husband is? Is he better?

Becky said...

2. I wouldn't know, but I stay away from them because I doubt it.
3. Don't care to find out!

I actually like this shot, in spite of the subject. HA! It's just a nicely composed photo.

Gary said...

1 - Definitely NOT!
2 - Wouldn't know - I assume NOT!
3 - Depends what you do with them when you take them off - I would suggest put them straight in the bin!

Is what they're sitting on a public toilet!? (lol)

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hmmmm, attractive, I'm not sure, maybe it's just too much information!
I've heard girls say that they are comfortable and are good for eliminating panty lines which pose other problems.
Maybe it's just the low slung jeans that are the real problem.
The girl on the right doesn't seem to be wearing any at all!
hygienic? doubtful, only because they don't seem to provide enough coverage.
Alexa, I'd love to know what the VPL problem is!

babooshka said...

1. No it gves you builders bum look.
2. No idea, no intentions of finding out.
3.ditto no2 answer.

I just don't get them and even worse on men. Yes some poor misguided UK men tried a the male version. Scary!

You cheeky snapper.

Riccardo said...

1. mmh... it depends
2. never tried
3. no idea..

she's drinking a button of "VodaVoda"

soulbrush said...

1. NO
3.probably not.

personally i hate them, and as for very pregnant (bare) bellies hanging our over a tight pair of jeans, roll the eyes!!
hope your hubby's okay.

Kris said...


I doubt it.

Probably not.

I have seen some atrocities, including one shocker at a football game where they showed it on the big screen and 32,000 people were pointing and laughing at this poor girl. Mind you, it was rather funny!

Sherry said...

I have gathered they are used in poor taste to get attention, but I suspect some people wear them for comfort and not to flaunt or get attention. I can't remember ever wearing clothes that showed off my back side when I was young, but if some women want to reveal they have plumbers butt, more power to them I guess. :)

Marie Reed said...

I'll be the first to say that thongs are really really really comfortable.. but it depends on the the style... I actually hardly wear anything else (except for the wonderwoman underoos at night) You don't notice that the thong is ummmm... there. I think that regular underwear always gets stuck in that unmentionable place. Boy oh boy!