Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm getting better.

Have no fear; I'm still here. Went to the eye, ear, nose, and throat doctor yesterday, and he gave me two injections, one in a vein, and the other, as they say here in my 'debelo meso' (literally 'fat meat'), which is another way of saying 'my behind.' I have very shy veins and he had to search for a while, but there was no trouble giving me injection #2. He also gave me a hefty prescription, and I am popping pills. I'm supposed to stay home this week, which I guess I will, since there's no sense in going to teach when I can't talk.

In any case, this is a photo taken a few weeks back at the Fenek Monastery I visited a few weeks ago with some friends who had come over for my daughter's wedding. The skull and crossbones are on an old grave, but I am not sure who is buried here; presumably someone from the monastery, though when I Googled 'skull and crossbones,' no mention came up of religious figures using them. Pirates use the symbol, but in an altered form, with the bones well behind the skull, but it seems that Freemasons used them just as they are.

Anyone know?


Jacob said...

Hey, now this is a fun post! Are you sure you're getting better! ;-)


This is one picture that could be the death of me! :-))

Get well!

Rob said...

Unusual, to say the least. A pirate's grave in Serbia???

magiceye said...

get well sooooooon!

soulbrush said...

ooohhh nooo get well soon, rest that voice. hugs from london and some cyber chicken soup for you.

Gaelyn said...

Pat, I am sorry to hear you are sick. Hope all these shots and pills do the trick.

Thérèse said...

At least no fear of being bitten!
I hope the injections did their job.

Alexa said...

Hope this isn't a reflection on how you're feeling! Take care (chicken soup, alcohol, sleep—all good for what ails you). Reminds me of the catacombs in Paris.

Jilly said...

I fell about at the title along with the subject. Goodness you do sound sick or at least getting over it. I'll remember debelo meso - sounds so much better than a fat behind!

V G said...

Posting here for the first time. I like your blog I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and I must say that I enjoy your photos. I wanted to attempt to respond to your question above. Is the skull and bones from the photo at the foot of the Cross? If so it symbolises the Adam's skull. According to traditon the Golgotha where Jesus was crucified is located directly above the place where the first man Adam was buried. Jesus' blood from the cross washed Adam's skull symbolic for washing away of sins.
Take care