Sunday, May 6, 2012

SUNDAY BRIDGES--a plethora of bridges

You pick which bridge of this plethora of bridges you like best on this photo taken from Kalemegdan.
And if you don't know what a plethora is, watch this clip from a movie I still enjoy... See other bridges on Louis La Vache's SUNDAY BRIDGES.


Genie said...

After watching the video, I still could not figure out what plethora was. Next I turned to Wiki for a, yes, you have given us a plethora of bridges. I will choose the red one. For some reason my Linky thumbnail did not work, so I show up in the ousting with a question mark. My link is:

Jim said...

Great bridge shot.

Luis Gomez said...

Very nice!

Alexa said...

What I like best about the clip is that no one ever defines "plethora." Fortunately, I do know what it means—and you've given us a plethora of bridges for sure!