Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chess break

Any time's a good time for chess, even when it's cold.

New Belgrade's flea market is shrinking, since a new bridge has taken over some of its space.  These two sellers are taking a chess break.

Here's an example of what my little Minox can do when conditions are right---no fuzziness, fairly clear!


Lowell said...

It is an excellent shot. Your little Minox, heh? Spy camera. I think Bond, James Bond used one of them.

Can't imagine anyone playing chess outside in the cold. Of course, I can't imagine anyone playing chess!

Luis Gomez said...

Always a good time!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like their spirit.

Daryl said...

you are truly the 'master' of the candid on the street shot in all of blogdom!

Alexa said...

Reminds me of the guys in Union Square here in NYC. I think thy'd keep playing through a blizzard! (And I'm already impressed with your little Minox.)