Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Up for grabs?

I think someone left these old shoes for someone to take, though I was a bit puzzled, since they're on the street by a doorstep, and usually such things are left near trash bins on the street.


John M said...

Maybe he took off his sneakers before going up the steps so he would not bring dirt into the house.
He must have assumed no one would steal his old sneakers.
I like the photo with the leaves and the lighting!

Gaelyn said...

Did you check the bottoms. Maybe someone walked in something that couldn't go in the house. Like the feather addition.

brattcat said...

i suspect the owner of these shoes would be quite distressed if they disappeared. like the others i believe the owner is inside in stocking feet.

Lowell said...

Here's how it went: The young man, newly-married, went out on the town with "the boys." He said he'd be home early. He came home late. His bride had planned to surprise him with negligee, candles, and ... When he didn't show, she went to bed, unhappy.

He knew he was in trouble when he arrived home and saw no lights anywhere, so he slipped off his ugly, smelly, worn-out shoes, and tip-toed up the staircase. His pillow and a blanket were waiting for him on the couch.

The shoes were still there the next morning. He wasn't going anywhere. Well, maybe confession.

But no one wanted the shoes. There was something about them. "We will lead you astray," they said.

Daryl said...

ah yes the lost or tossed sneakers/trainers .. always an interesting shot

TheChieftess said...

Ahhh...I vote for the shoes from the walk of shame!!!