Friday, May 9, 2008

Traces of the past

Belgrade's face bears the traces of its history, just as wrinkles on our faces reveal much about our lives. Though proud of its past, it's apparent from building and renovation going on all over that the city wants to give itself a face lift, a little nip/tuck here and there. In this photo you can see three different styles. Modern may be functional and slick, but I still like the detail that used to be given to facades, and the flowers that were added here as a bit of "make-up."


Louis la Vache said...

Like you, "Louis" prefers the older style - "modern" architecture is so often soulless.

Chuck Pefley said...

So often soul less is an understatement. Like wearing shorts and sneakers to the prom. What a difference a century can make.

USelaine said...

I saw such lovely buildings, like this, in Hungary back in the 90s, with the characteristic yellow, and fascinating detail. We have so little of it here in California.

Anonymous said...

No, I must say, your photography captures color values we don't have. I suppose we could pay models to look like your photos but it still would not be the same.

The nice lady below, Veronika, has the color fidelity found in old Dutch masters. It is hard to find that in photography. Look at the colors in the baby stroller. Nice colors. Everything on your blog is like that.

Your post today is smitten with the old and new and in a delightful way. The details in the old and the lack of anything in the new glass building. It is so nude it must have reflections to be seen. How spartan is that?

babooshka said...

The reason I adore mainland Europe
(the Uk just doesn't compare)are for one of the reasons you mentioned, the older structures. The colours, and the architecture. Not a fan of the modern style, though there are notable exceptions.Give me a building that is a faded lady rather than a pristine "souless" carbuncle anyday.

By the way, this would have suited Skywatch perfectly with those sky reflections. Would love to see the colours of the sky in this part of the world.

Dan said...

I too prefer the older look even though there may be some cracks and crevices. It's too bad we are so obsessed with everything looking new and young. Your photo gives a lot to think about.