Monday, July 21, 2008

Radovan Rides the Happy Train

Note: Originally I'd thought I could show the best part of Radovan's trip in a shorter period of time, but I now see that's not possible--bear with me. He'll be back in Serbia on August 3rd---there will be then as many posting dates as days he spent in Greece! "Bibi" will then be posting photos of Serbia from her point of view, not Radovan's! :<)

This is one of Athens' Happy Trains that shuttle tourists on given circuits around the city. We all took a ride and since we were seated in the back of the train so we could more easily take photos, we had a good view of these Japanese lady tourists with their parasols to shield them from the blistering sun.

Radovan decided he didn't need a parasol to protect him, but found a way to cool off under an outdoor restaurant's cooling system that lightly mists guests. It's really refreshing!


marley said...

I'm pleased to read we'll be seeing more of Radovan's Greece! I like the cooling system at that restaurant. A much needed thing in sunny Athens!

Louis la Vache said...

As Mme. la Vache was born and raised in China and lived in Japan for 15 years, "Louis" can speak to why Asian women shield themselves from the sun. They do not think that suntans are beautiful, and they know that the sun damages their skin - so they go to great lengths to avoid the sun. Mme. la Vache will often cross the street to stay on the shady side!

Radovan, in contrast, is well-weathered, so the sun lines would add to his charming character.... :-)

Marie Reed said...

Little Rad could use a parasol that one finds in a pina colada:)

parlance said...

That misting idea is interesting. It would feel good but people like me would end up with frizzy hair!

I called by to tell you that I have passed on an award to your site. Feel free to not pass it on further if you don't wish to. I just wanted to include you in my list because I love the way you show the human side of Serbia, a place that gets little mention in our newspapers unless something bad happens.

jill said...

Bibi, I haven't been here for awhile and plan to get caught up on your wonderful trip to Greece.

babooshka said...

Radovan has not been taking my advice about the suncream I see. With our dreary drab skies and rain filled days it is so refreshing to see the warmth of the sun.